What If?

Hard to tell what the truth is.  We’re in the midst of something that we cannot navigate if we are to listen to what is being said.  There is just so much: half-truths, fabrications, even lies; information withheld because there is no complete certainty of what is actually within our midst.  Everyone has an opinion; yet no one knows for sure.

And we do like being sure.

We need to know for sure.

Well, too bad because this one has got us by the you-know-whats.  While no one wants to leave their well-being to a crap shoot, we do our due diligence health wise and hope it suffices.

As there is no definitive, there is no clearly effective shield from this scourge.  No one finds themselves more able to insulate themselves than the person in back of the line.

Anger and divisiveness does not make us safer.

Where can I find some hand sanitizer?

So what now?

I must say that I’ve been made aware of a change.  As unnerving as it is, I think the uncertainty makes people more considerate of each other, somehow.  I notice kindness, more tolerance, even a tepid sense of humor in instances where people might previously  have chosen to avoid each other.  It is a little startling, pleasantly so.  And I’ll take it!

Is this virus the thing that provokes us to be more of a human being toward next person?

It is a tough lesson but this microscopic bit of hope within the extenuating circumstances of the corona virus could have a more profound and unexpected impact toward improving the situation in which we all find ourselves; to change our way with each other like nothing else, if, you believe in the power of such sentiments as consideration, or kindness, compassion, love?  I  do.  Is that a stretch?

But let’s face it.  Fear makes friends like nothing else can.  Or as Shakespeare said, “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”

Now the trick is to get to this place without such terrible provocation.

The effort is so very well worth making.  And it requires so little of us.

Sending loving kindness and good health to everyone, everywhere!