A Summer Place

Exaggerated, overly dramatic, and contrived, this movie deigned to dramatize the sexual morality of society in the 1950’s.
My sisters were teenagers and I remember this movie because it was the rage among their crowd.  I am not sure if I saw it in the theater with them, as I often tagged along if they were to go the movies at all.  However it was, I was aware of it and that it was a big deal.
I remember thinking how daring was this movie presented on the silver screen; as big as day.  Through the experience of our two biggest teen idols, Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee, we watched depictions of things that were off limits for discussion…shocking.  Oh my goodness, how far we have come.
This movie dramatized a time worth sharing with our young people today.   Though extremely contrived and forced a story, with poor, unimaginative dialogue, they will be provided a glimpse of the way we were back then.
I have since included it in my collection with a plan to view with my children and grandchildren. I can’t wait to hear their comments.
The theme song is quite possibly the most beautiful of all time and I can’t get enough of it. Percy Faith and his Orchestra was known for brilliant renditions of movie themes back then and especially for this one, composed by Max Stein.  I still listen to my old Columbia Music Club album of movie favorites just to hear the extraordinarily beautiful Theme from a Summer Place.  The images, feelings and memories rushing into the room like the waves on the beach in the movie.  It is a musical masterpiece for all time.
I can’t decide if the Cinemascope technique is credited for how the ocean looks more beautiful, the sky clearer and bluer, the sun and the colors brighter…the people are thinner?  I don’t know but I think that they actually were.  
How one memory opens the gate to other memories as it happens for me with this film will never cease to amaze me.
I always enjoy watching A Summer Place, even though in retrospect, that in the scheme of things, it seems in essence, a prelude to the decade that changed everything.
Trailer to A Summer Place:
Theme to a Summer Place by Percy Faith and his orchestra.