Letter to my children

April 25, 2017

Dear Hearts,

We devote a good deal of time supporting and cultivating our relationships with friends and acquaintances but we may overlook or take for granted the most significant, the one that we have with ourselves.

It is imperative that you are conscious of:
What it is that you believe
Your moral compass
Your standards
What guides you

You should be able to look into your heart and complete sentences such as: “I am a person who…”, “ I will never permit myself to…“, I can always be depended upon to…“, I strive to…”.  When you can answer these questions, you will be conscious of who you are in this world, the effect that you have upon it. And not for a moment should you ever believe that effect is not the most profound thing because IT IS. Every choice that you make is like a ripple in a river that travels to the ocean reaching every part of the Earth. Each of you have lived long enough and had experience enough to answer these questions. You have a compass. Become conscious of what it is. Allow it to guide you.
This is the most important thing that you can achieve in your life. Because once you achieve this, you can then rely upon yourself to navigate whatever comes your way. And there is so much coming your way, trying to influence you, trying to sway your belief in yourself and everything that you love and cherish.

We have been told many, many stories upon which we have and continue to base our lives. There is some truth in them, but there are lies as well. We can only truly know a thing when we ourselves have actually witnessed it. So it’s all stories, everything that is outside of our own personal experience.

Always remember that things that are not of God are the reverse of His glory. Upside down. God/Jesus in the negative.

It really all comes down to the fact that Our Almighty God had given us everything and placed humanity in the most beautiful garden with every sustenance, and only one restriction. And the serpent slithered in and he has been there ever since. Swaying minds, convoluting perceptions, distorting everything! He is everywhere and it can be difficult to get around without confrontation with the destructive forces  in everything that humanity has a hand in creating.  So many people have taken these distortions for truth and don’t know that they have done so. They have signed on to the negativity and don’t know that they have and don’t know what is wrong in their lives. They don’t know what they believe so they are very easily mislead.

Since childhood, I have felt that the truth is so clear and easy for anyone to know. Just look at the natural world. Take a look, especially when things are difficult and negative. Isn’t God always shining His amazing light upon His amazing world for us to see and feel the extraordinary majesty that surrounds us? Isn’t every day a miracle wherein you can create something that is unique, your desire to do so, your only requirement?

Your grandmother’s favorite radio station played popular music broadcast throughout the great era of radio, 1920’s to 1950’s, “Your Hit Parade”.  And the old movies on television provided those songs and many others.  I know lots of lyrics, my gosh! I feel as though I remember them all. The following lyrics from the Depression Era come to mind and are particularly appropo:  “The moon belongs to everyone. The best things in life are free.”

God is love. His extraordinary gifts are available to everyone, everything, everywhere, never-ending.

Know your self, my Darlings. Allow no one to tell you who you are.  And follow your heart. You will find God there. You will find Jesus there. And guided by heart, people will experience your influence in their lives and ultimately the world will feel the positive and beautiful ripples that you make in the river that goes to the sea.

THE GLORY OF GOD, my Loves, the best things, His amazing gifts, are free.

Create something beautiful in your world today!

Love, love, love to you,