What is the nature of the things we find ourselves doing, saying or thinking? Are they loving?


All other emotions are degrees of negativity.

Deeply-seated as self-doubt can be,

or surface-level, seething anger,

there’s scathing commentary, overwhelmingly appropriate at the time so it seemed, but in retrospect, regret is the one and only recollection,

and that bit of jealousy of withholding a sentiment that freely expressed might have “made the day” for someone.

You know it would have.

If God, the Heavenly Father is Love, than what is the source of all of the other emotions?

Choose love, my Loves!



“Although your mind’s opaque, try thinking more if just for your own sake.”


What’s the Matter?

Might it be associated with the fact that people are feeling inadequate due to the relentless exposure to other people everywhere?  It’s not natural.  We are not physically capable of having that level of exposure.  It can only happen electronically.

For heaven’s sake, wasn’t it enough being concerned with how you compare to the next person in the room, at a party, on the beach?  Now we have people anywhere in the world to consider!

Recently, I took a day reacting only to people I could actually see in my physical proximity.  I checked in to voice mail a couple of times throughout the day, but the joy was in deciding when that would happen.  What a break!

Have a beautiful day!